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Targhee Packsaddle
Sale! $69.99 
Targhee PacksaddleTarghee Packsaddle Front ViewTarghee Packsaddle Top View

Buy the Targhee Packsaddle for only $69.99!
Felt-lined cinch upgrade available for an additional $10.00

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The best value in an economical packsaddle for your goat.
The Targhee Packsaddle boasts the following features:
  • Standard oak crossbucks for strength and durability
  • Fully-beveled poplar sideboards and optimum crossbuck angle ensure proper fit on a broad range of goats
  • Rust-resistant steel hardware
  • 1" black polypropylene rump and breast straps for abrasion resistance, low stretch, and superior resistance against moisture
  • 2" black soft & supple seatbelt-type girth strap provides a comfortable yet secure attachment to your goat (with super duty 2" buckle)
  • Heavy Duty acetyl plastic buckles provide convenience, strength, and reliability
Product Specs:

Sideboard length: 12 inches
Saddle angle: 86.5 degrees
Crossbuck offset: 0 degrees (see our Teton packsaddle for more topload space)
Total saddle weight: Less than 3.5 lbs
1" Polypro webbing strength: 600 lbs
2" Seatbelt webbing strength: 6000 lbs (yes, 3 tons)

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