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Targhee Miniature Donkey Packsaddle
From $84.99 
Targhee Mini Donkey PacksaddleTarghee Mini Donkey Packsaddle FrontTarghee Mini Donkey Packsaddle Top

Buy the Targhee Mini Donkey Packsaddle for only $84.99!

We have made some significant upgrades to this packsaddle. Felt lining is now standard on all packsaddle cinches!  Also,  the frame now includes 10 degrees of twist to better fit your animal!

Upgrade to dual felt-lined cinches for an additional $25.00

The best value in an economical packsaddle for your miniature donkey.
The Targhee Packsaddle boasts the following features:
  • Heavier-duty oak crossbucks for strength and durability
  • Fully-beveled poplar sideboards and optimum crossbuck angle ensure proper fit on straighter-backed miniature donkeys
  • Rust-resistant steel hardware
  • 1" black polypropylene rump and breast straps for abrasion resistance, low stretch, and superior resistance against moisture
  • 2" black soft & supple seatbelt-type girth strap provides a comfortable yet secure attachment to your mini donkey (with super duty 2" buckle)
  • Heavy Duty acetal plastic buckles provide convenience, strength, and reliability
Product Specs:

Sideboard length: 12 inches
Saddle angle: Front - 100 degrees, Rear - 110 degrees
Crossbuck offset: 0 degrees (see our Teton packsaddle for more topload space)
Total saddle weight: Approx. 3.5 lbs
1" Polypro webbing strength: 600 lbs
2" Seatbelt webbing strength: 6000 lbs (yes, 3 tons)


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